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Triple Net Lease Investments
Triple net lease investments are properties with a tenant that is responsible for paying all of the property expenses. Put simply, real estate taxes, insurance, maintenance of the property, as well as rent, are all the responsibility of the tenant. This structure is typical for single-tenant retail properties, such as pharmacies, dollar stores, and restaurants. 

Benefits of Triple Net Lease Investments:

Predictable Long Term Cash Flows
Long term triple net leases provide predictable income. The rents are guaranteed by the Tenants, with minimal to no unexpected expenses, resulting in a predictable cash flow stream over the lease term. 
Investments You Can Understand

Triple net lease investments are straightforward and easy to understand. They can provide the ability to invest in a well located property with a nationally recognizable tenant, and often backed by a strong guarantor. 

Ease of Management

​The tenant not only pays for property tax and insurance, but they typically handle all maintenance of the property.  

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